Social Anxiety and Me

I went through cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) over the course of five months to treat social anxiety disorder. And although I’m not a therapist, or a qualified mental health professional, I do think there’s always some value in sharing an experience, and so that’s why I’m writing this. For a bit of backstory, I wasContinue reading “Social Anxiety and Me”


The inspiration for this post comes from a very powerful, and very moving, TED talk I was watching from Lucy Hone, she is a very influential lady who is a lot more qualified than I am to call herself an expert on resilience, she’s gained the right to that title by not only dedicated yearsContinue reading “RESILIENCE”

The Innocent Outlaw?

The cold, harsh winds blew the howls of the coyotes towards the campsite, golden orange flames danced to the sounds of the crackles of the burning pine wood. As time passed by, and the sun slowly set over the planes, the reclusive wanderer finished off the last of the beef jerky and rice that he’dContinue reading “The Innocent Outlaw?”